Seafood Box


Polypropylene (PP)


Customizable (maximum width 2300, length can be customized)

Thickness (mm)

Plate thickness 1.8MM-12MM

Grammage (g/sqm)

Depending on the actual customized plate thickness


100% recyclable, waterproof, moisture resistant, printable


What Is The PP Seafood Box Packaging?

A seafood box is a box made of corrugated plastic sheet for storing and transporting fresh seafood such as fish and lobster as well as crabs, to name a few. Corrugated plastic sheeting is a material that consists of fluted cardboard and one or two flat liner boards. It is strong, lightweight and recyclable. The seafood box is leak-proof and prevents any liquid from seeping out of the box. Seafood boxes can be customized in a variety of sizesAdvantages of Corrugated Plastic Sheet, shapes and colors according to customers’ needs and preferences. Seafood boxes can also be printed with patterns, logos or labels to enhance the appearance and branding of the products. Seafood boxes are manufactured by JianXin Plastics, a leading company in the corrugated plastic packaging industry. Seafood boxes are ideal for farmers, distributors and retailers to keep seafood fresh and flavorful for longer.



  • You can customize them according to your needs l
  • They are affordable and eco-friendly
  • They are light and easy to fold
  • They are adaptable and flexible
  • You can clean coroplast boxes easily
  • They have flexible design options ( such as thickness, sizes, colors or GSM )
  • They are 100% recyclable ( they can be used 60 times, or the materials can be reused )
  • You can make PP corrugated boxes into ESD or conductive
  • Correx container is more water-resistant, durable and sanitary than cardboard
  • Coroplast bin is cleaner than cardboard
  • They are reusable / returnable – for multiple uses

Corrugated plastic packaging boxes from JianXin will give you many advantages that other kinds of packaging materials cannot provide. You can customize corrugated plastic packaging boxes according to your needs, they are affordable and eco-friendly, light and easy to fold, adaptable and flexible. They will help you enhance your product quality, customer satisfaction, brand image, and environmental responsibility.

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