Corrugated Plastic Vegetable Box

Alternatives to wax coated cartons

Corrugated vegetable boxes are made from polypropylene, which is waterproof, moisture resistant, and recyclable to reduce costs, making it a sustainable alternative to wax-coated corrugated boxes

We service the produce industry farmers, packers, shippers and retailers with durable, high quality, polypropylene plastic boxes for:

Premium Quality. Sustainablity First!

Why are corrugated vegetable crates better?

Waxed Corrugated Vegetable Boxes

Traditional wax corrugated boxes

Corrugated Plastic Boxes

FriendlyBox isn’t just for produce. In addition to fruits and vegetables our boxes and trays can also be used for:

Packaging and transport


Why Choose Us

  • Professional manufacturer with high-tech equipment and team
  • 17 years of experience and leading enterprise in China
  • Reliable Corrugated Plastic Fruit Box production services
  • Professional printing technology can be customised pattern size

Our Values

  • We Know Growers
  • Customer Service
  • Personlization
  • Sustainability
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